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About Us

Hey Healthgasm Fam!
Thank you for taking a moment to explore our meal prep options. Our Meal prep menu provides a variety of healthier meal options to our customers. Our menu is updated monthly to ensure that we provide a variety of meal options for our healthgasm fam. If you would like meals tailored to your specific dietary needs, please send us message us on our contact page or call and/or leave a message at 770-835-5438.

Thank you for your business!

How it works

Pick-Up: Sunday 2pm - 6pm

Orders are due on Wednesdays before 6pm

Click on the menu to view your meal prep options. 

Click on the link to complete your meal prep form. You will receive a notification once your order has been submitted. You will receive a link to make your payment using the number provided on the form. 


5 Meals: $75
10 Meals: $125
15 Meals: $200

Healthy Food
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